It All Started With Some Cheese…

Welcome to my blog. The title says it all really, as it did all start with cheese. I live on the lovely west coast of Scotland, home to spectacular views, abundant wildlife and quite a few farms. Of interest to me of course, and hopefully to you, dear readers, are the dairy farms.

We have 27 of them locally, and up until recently the milk was going directly to our local creamery to make the iconic Mull of Kintyre Cheddar. The creamery had been making cheese since 1920 until it shut in November 2019, just shy of it’s 100th anniversary.

Not only is the cheese, award-winning, and delicious, with fans all over the world, but it was made from local milk, including millk from our 200 odd Holstein-Friesan dairy cows. Farming has been the family business in Kintyre since 1880, and it was lovely to know that the milk from our cows was going directly into such a wonderful product.

A farmer-led bid to maintain the creamery failed, much to our great disappointment, and so the creamery was shut.

That’s where my story begins. You see, being able to see the finished product from all of your hard work is a wonderful thing, and our family loved knowing that the milk they were producing went right down the road and was made into our local cheese. The future we envisioned for our children, 5 future young farmers at the moment, included this cheese. With the closure of the creamery, we are lucky that our milk is still being collected daily, as I know others have not been so lucky.

But what about the cheese? I have been something of a dabbler in cheesemaking for a time now, having a fantastic supply of fresh milk on your doorstep makes this a lot easier, and the creamery’s closure got me thinking. My 8 month old son loves Mull of Kintyre cheddar, but of course he doesn’t yet know the significance of enjoying such a locally made product, and once he is old enough to realise, our local creamery will be local history. So, I thought, how about we continue the tradition of producing locally made cheese from our cows, on a more modest scale, which hopefully, will one day be shared with others.

So now you know, The Grand Plan. I want to share my cheesemaking journey with you, along with life here on the farm, a family-run business, 365 days a year in all weathers, helping to feed the nation, and doing a job we love. I forsee plenty of challenges, and hopefully some triumphs, and meanwhile, we’ll be here, in this beautiful place, milking cows and farming, as we always have, and hopefully, always will.

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