Rainy Days and Mondays

Good morning everyone, I hope that the weather is good where you are. Here today it is rainy and mild. Not such a bad thing really, as it will help the grass to grow. It certainly helps the weeds to grow! The farmers in general are happy to see a bit of rain. The sugar beet in the field is coming through now, confirmed by my young farmer and the big farmer yesterday, along with a legion of weeds apparently.

Things are coming up well in the vegetable garden at the moment, weeds included! Our early potatoes are well through, and despite a bit of frost damage to the leaves from a very unexpected cold snap, I’m hopeful they will be ok.

There will be plenty of small jobs to do in the coming weeks. The beetroot has come on hugely in the last week; three different colours this year, and will need to be thinned soon. The leeks are making an appearance and we will need to think about transplanting them to their rows soon too. Despite the cats’ very credible attempts to knock them over, our peas are also starting to climb towards the light, and hopefully we will get a good crop this year. These were a great favourite with all the farmers, young and old, last year. As last year’s broccoli produced an absolute forest of greenery but no flowers, we have decided to try broccoli rabe this year instead. As it is a lot faster growing, I am hopeful it will have time to mature and be harvested even with a short growing season.

Last year’s veg patch looked a bit like a jungle (the cats certainly thought so), but this year’s plan is a bit more regimented.

Last year was our exciting first year of the official vegetable patch. We’ve learned quite a bit since then (not least that last year’s courgette crop was a bit too extensive) so we are expecting good things this year. Farmer input suggested machinery should be more involved this year (of course it did!), and so refurbishment of the old tractor had a goal in mind. Lots of loving care and attention went into the job, and the “new” old tractor’s first job was to ridge the vegetable patch and plant the tatties.

The newly refurbished tractor looking very smart indeed.

So the vegetable patch is a bit more organised this year, with a wider variety of crops and a bit more manageable number of each plant, and I promise I will include a photo soon, once the weather is a bit sunnier! Unfortunately, the weeds won’t hoe themselves, so I will sign off for now!

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