On Looking Back and Moving Forward

     It’s funny isn’t it?  We spend so much of our adult life look back on the past, considering what we could or should have done differently, where we went wrong perhaps, reflecting on what brought us to this place we’re at right now.  Children are the opposite; the youngest ones living in the moment,Continue reading “On Looking Back and Moving Forward”

It All Started With Some Cheese…

Welcome to my blog. The title says it all really, as it did all start with cheese. I live on the lovely west coast of Scotland, home to spectacular views, abundant wildlife and quite a few farms. Of interest to me of course, and hopefully to you, dear readers, are the dairy farms. We haveContinue reading “It All Started With Some Cheese…”

To Begin from the Beginning

Hello again, welcome back to my blog. I hope you are all doing well in these crazy times we are living through. The world is changing. Sometimes it seems as though it is simultaneously getting bigger and smaller. Do you know what I mean? Never in memorable history have we been so connected and yetContinue reading “To Begin from the Beginning”